• Barcelona today has a number of private creative organisations and spaces that make a decisive contribution to positioning the city as one with great creative potential.

      Even though it is becoming increasingly harder to speak of disciplines or genres, as there is a clear and healthy tendency towards artistic cross-disciplinarity, these spaces operate in the fields of theatre, dance and movement arts, circus, visual arts and music.

    • They are flexible spaces, a pure expression of living culture where intermediate productions and creation processes are also undertaken.

      They are open, collective, transgressive and pluridisciplinary spaces that seek to ensure the autonomy of art.

      They also receive the support of Barcelona City Council through the Institute for Culture range of subsidies.


    C. de Guifré, 9 baixos
    08001 Barcelona


    Dansa i Música


    L2 Sant Antoni


    Línies 20, 24, 37, 41, 55, 64, 120 i 141

    The word Almazen is derived from the Spanish word ànima (soul) and the Japanese zen, and from the Arabic almajzán. The home of the La Ciutat de les Paraules cultural association, Almazen is a space for cultural interaction in Barcelona's Raval district, an incubator for artistic and professional proposals in the field of culture.

    Almazen espouses a vision of cross-disciplinary, participative, collaborative and vital culture that has to help build new models of coexistence in the quarter and new forms of cultural sustainability and development in the city. The key to the platform is inter-dependence: collaboration and cooperation between professionals in the definition and development of projects.

    The main aims of Almazen are:

    • To create a management model that ensures the sustainability of the city's cultural ecosystem, through the involvement of institutions, artists and a broad spectrum of the active public in a participative and jointly responsible concept of culture.

    • To become an incubator and voice for artistic ideas that are characterised by their seal of quality and commitment.

    • To foster a sustainable creativity powerhouse in all aspects: human, social and artistic.

    • To nurture a local and international exchange network.

    Some of its flagship projects are Cabaret Cabró, ALMArítim, Sopa de Soupes, Se- rial Artist, Operació Ulls Oberts, Moving Words, Mad-Movies, Almatango and its Workshops, which are the best way to discover contemporary creation through the artists.


    C. Verdaguer i Callís, 12
    08001 Barcelona




    L1 i L4 Urquinaona


    Línies 33, 36, 42, 43, 44 i 60

    Antic Teatre-Creation Space is in a building founded in 1879 under the name of Cercle Barceloní d'Obrers de Sant Josep by the architect Joan Martorell. Reopened in 2003, it was inaugurated for a third time, in 2010, after a complete refurbishment of the building, which is listed as being of cultural interest and is located in the Sant Pere quarter in the Ciutat Vella district.

    Antic Teatre has established itself as one of the benchmarks on the contemporary scene in Barcelona. An artistic resource centre that is devoted to exhibitions, support for creation, the promotion and dissemination of the stage and visual arts committed to the search for new languages, new technologies or new playwriting, music, plastic arts, literature, and contemporary social, cultural, political and philosophical issues.

    Today, the Antic Teatre comprises a series of inter-related organisations and spaces: Antic Teatre-Creation Space (multidisciplinary space for scheduling shows of new artistic trends and creation residencies), the Cultural Association and the resident artists and companies.

    The project also includes the AdriAntic Research, Creation, Rehearsal and Residency Centre. Standing on the border with the town of Sant Adrià del Besós, in the Sant Martí district, the space consists of a large main area of 490 m2, with wood floor, toilets and showers. It also has direct access to a lift and a service lift.

    AdriAntic offers companies a space in which to research, create and produce shows with the minimum necessary conditions:

    • Free loan of the space for resident creators.

    • Exclusive availability of the space with the advantage of not having to put up and take down the stage set for each work session.

    • Freedom of timetables for access to and use of the space.

    Thanks to all of this, it is possible for creators to have, on the one hand, spaces in which to carry out their projects and where, on the other hand, they have the chance to present the result as part of the Antic Teatre's programme.


    C. de Sant Pau, 58, baixos
    08001 Barcelona


    Dansa i Música


    L3 Liceu


    Línies 14, 59, 91 i 120

    Conservas is a changing space for creation, exchange, connections, experimentation, learning and transformation in general. It produces actions, mediations and other tools and it has a 45 m2 multi-purpose room, two offices and a documentation and consultation centre. It also has a dwelling for residencies.

    This cultural agitation project was founded in 1994 and works on the basis of the search, production, dissemination and management of innovative proposals in the field of the performing and visual arts.

    The work carried out with the management of the Conservas hall, the artistic management of the INN MOTION Festival and the creation of shows with the theatre company and intervention have made it a European benchmark in relation to new stage creation.

    Conservas is one of the leading centres of European social movements in the area of the free circulation of knowledge and the right to housing and the use of public space. It is also involved in a number of art and action platforms.

    The hall is shared, loaned and rented out.


    Camí del Polvorí, s/n
    (muntanya de Montjuïc)
    08038 Barcelona


    Dansa i Música


    Línies 13 i 50 (plaça d’Espanya)

    The Polvorí de Montjuïc has been the home of the La Caixa d'Eines of the Teatro de los Sentidos since 2004.

    Today, this unique creation space has become:

    • An indispensable world benchmark in the field of the poetics of the senses and the new stage trends from where research processes and workshops are projected around the world. It currently works with the University of Lille 3 (France), the Il Funaro Pistoia Cultural Centre (Italy), the University of del Prato in Florence (Italy), the La Sapienza University in Rome (Italy) and the Republique team in Copenhagen (Denmark).

    • A training centre with stable and monographic workshops that has shared its tools with over a thousand young creators worldwide and which has, in collaboration with the University of Girona Foundation, organised a postgraduate diploma on the poetics of the senses and play since 2010.

    • A space of creation and production that has allowed it, to date, to stage six new productions by the Teatro de los Sentidos company, as well as other artistic experiences and creations by workshop members of the school, artists linked directly or indirectly to the language of the senses and members of the company. El Polvorí will also shortly become a new temporary exhibition space on Montjuïc.

    • A cultural catalyst and platform of and for the residents of the neighbourhood who live and work on Montjuïc mountain.

    Also in 2010 El Polvorí set up the International Network for Research into the Poetics of the Senses, which comprises a number of universities and organisations worldwide working in this field and from various viewpoints.


    C. de Torrijos, 68
    08012 Barcelona


    Dansa i Música


    L4 JoanicL3 Fontana


    Línies 22, 24, 28, 87,114 i 116

    The Experimentem amb l'Art association was founded in Barcelona in 1993 on the initiative of artist Montse Vives and with a principal interest that has been maintained ever since: to put into practice strategies for bringing contemporary art and the receiver public together through highly diverse projects that adapt to the specific needs of each occasion.

    For this reason, the work of Experimentem amb l'Art has fostered collaboration with professionals in the art world and in education who provide their experience and a multiple perspective of the context and reality of each of the proposals.

    In 2003, the association inaugurated its own management space (EART Space), which enables ongoing programming and support for projects that ensure public participation in current cultural processes.

    Today, the EART Space hosts a programme that combines the dissemination of artistic practice through various strategies (exhibitions, talks, presentations, etc.) with educational practices related to the activity being carried out in the space.

    It also has a number of workshops which, through a public call, are filled by artists in different disciplines for a maximum of 18 months. Resident artists can develop projects and have contact with other creators and with the different projects that are fostered in the space.


    Riereta, 18, 2n
    08001 Barcelona


    Dansa i Música


    L2 Paral·lel L3 Paral·lel i Liceu


    Línies 20, 21, 24, 36, 57, 64, 91, 120, 121 i 157

    La Poderosa. Espai per a la Dansa i els seus Contaminants is a cultural creation and agitation space managed by Las Santas (Bea Fernández, Mónica Muntaner and Sílvia Sant Funk).

    La Poderosa has become:

    • a space from where projects are promoted that incentivise creation and bring dance to new generations through training activities and its IN programme of informal displays.

    • a physical space where creation and research projects that revolve around dance and body languages are undertaken.

    • a space that houses "unclassifiable" stage and para-stage proposals, where contamination, ambivalence, flight and nothing are welcome.

    • a space for proximity.

    • a space for experimentation of everything prior to the stage product.

    • the work space of Las Santas.

    La Poderosa is part of the Caníbal Platform.

  • NIU

    C. dels Almogàvers, 208
    08018 Barcelona


    L4 Llacuna
    L1 Glòries


    Línies 6, 40, 42, 92, 141, B25, N11, N8 i N6


    Estació Pere IV (línia T4 – Trambesòs)

    Niu is a contemporary creation artists' centre located in Barcelona's Poblenou neighbourhood.

    Musicians, DJs, VJs, graffiti artists, illustrators, dancers, performers, photographers, video creators, architects of ephemera and interior designers, and other creatives in different artistic genres and languages all come here to work.

    Niu is a creative avant-garde for all kinds of public and it produces, shows and disseminates audiovisual and multimedia creation, digital art and independent contemporary music.

    Niu's material for study, creation and exhibition is "audio and visual" culture, derived from the emergence of digital technology in the art world, design and communication.

    Niu's activities comprise:

    • EXHIBITION SPACE. Niu is a multi-purpose hall in Barcelona's Poblenou neighbourhood, where exhibitions, musical and audiovisual activities and training workshops are staged.

    • EVENTS ORGANISATION. Niu regularly organises artistic activities outside its own space: seasons, conferences, festivals, exhibitions, etc.

    • ARTISTS AGENCY. Niu offers artistic advice and management services for companies, institutions and festivals. Constant contact with all kinds of avant-garde artists and creators enables high-quality artistic content to be proposed.

    • ARTISTS' SERVICES. Niu offers artists a range of quality services at low cost in areas such as work and rehearsal spaces, web hosting and domain contracting, low-cost quality printing services, accounting advice, press and communication office, etc.

    • TRAINING. Niu regularly organises training workshops for students and professionals in various aspects of contemporary visual, musical and graphic creation.

    • ONLINE RADIO. Piu is the Internet radio channel of the Niu contemporary arts space. Quality electronic music programme 24 hours a day.