A network set up in 2008 that comprises public and private visual arts production centres throughout Catalonia. It aims to share resources and raise the visibility of the rich fabric of production services for creators, as well as act on their behalf vis-à-vis different institutions.

Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts

Granollers Town Council converted a former factory in the town centre to create Roca Umbert Art Factory, a major 20,000 m2 cultural centre for artistic production, training, promotion and creation.


A living art creation centre set up by Sabadell Town Council in 1995. L’Estruch strives to be a benchmark centre for welcoming and supporting creators, especially in the fields of dance, image and visual arts in Catalonia, the rest of Spain and even worldwide.

Can Xalant

This centre for experimentation and innovation focuses on the visual arts. It was set up through an agreement between Mataró Town Council’s Municipal Institute for Cultural Action and the Catalan Ministry for Culture. It not only offers a space for creators to carry out and exhibit their work, but also actively encourages the public to get involved in the creative process.


Matadero Madrid

One of Madrid’s new cultural symbols, Matadero Madrid was set up to provoke thought on the contemporary world and support current and future cultural processes. Performing and visual arts, design, music, urban planning, literature, film and much more in the city’s former slaughterhouse.

LABoral. Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial

An interdisciplinary space set up in Gijón (Asturias) in 2007 to promote artistic exchange and link art, science, technology and creative industries.

Centro Párraga

Set up in Murcia at the end of 2005, this centre aims to raise the public’s awareness and appreciation of new forms of artistic creation, paying particular attention to the most avant-garde and experimental ideas in contemporary creation.


Renovations are still under way, but the former tobacco factory in Donosti/San Sebastián will soon become an international centre for contemporary culture, specialising in visual culture and featuring work from the fields of contemporary art, television, film, video and sound. An image factory.



Housed in a former municipal funeral home in Paris’s 19th district, Centquatre is a now a centre for avant-garde creation in fields such as theatre, dance, music, film, video, gastronomy and digital arts. It supports projects, welcomes artists in residence and works regularly with theatres and festivals.


A platform for thought, research, action, transmission and solidarity made up of art centres exploring the relationship between creation, territory and citizens.

Bureau Broedplaatsen

Well aware that informal art and culture are key to its identity, Amsterdam City Council supports forty projects designed to offer work and living spaces to alternative creators and cultural entrepreneurs.

Collage Arts

The former Haringey Arts Council is now an organisation that seeks to create opportunities in the world of art and creative industries for under-represented sections of the community. The aim is to give women, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities, amongst others, the chance to create music, film, multimedia art and other art forms.

Grandville Island

In an historic, riverside setting, an island in the centre of Vancouver (Canada) is home to a dynamic community of artists, with theatres, art galleries, craft workshops, specialist shops, cafes and a fresh food market.


From 1942 to 1985, this building in Helsinki (Finland) housed an electric and telephone cable factory. Now you’ll find a 56,000 m2 space boasting three museums, thirteen galleries, theatres, schools and a whole host of artists, bands and companies that use the space to carry out their creative projects.

La Gaîté lyrique

Explore digital culture in all its forms: from music and animation film to theatre, visual arts and graphic design, amongst others. This is the aim of this crosscutting art factory in the heart of Paris, which seeks to forge ties between different creative fields.

Le lieu unique, scène nationale de Nantes

Crosscutting curiosity is the raison d’être of this former factory in Nantes, eager to experiment with and carry out research into an eclectic range of genres, cultures and audiences, including plastic arts, theatre, dance, circus, music, literature, architecture and cuisine.

Mains d’Œuvres

The French town of Saint-Ouen is home to a space for creating, promoting and researching the arts that welcomes and supports creators from all fields: from music and visual arts to theatre and dance. It provides spaces, offers advice and also works on seeking financial backing for productions.

Radialsystem V. Space for Arts and Ideas

Since 2006, this former waterworks in the centre of Berlin has been a space for creation that attracts artists from the city and beyond. It puts on artistic programmes for all audiences, including families, and rents out spaces for creation, amongst other services.


A community of nearly 600 creators, both consolidated and up and coming, has its headquarters in this set of studios for visual artists in London. Such a creative community always has a packed diary ranging from photography workshops to interactive games in design markets.

Trans Europe Halles

A European network of independent cultural centres connecting innovative creators from places as far flung as Moscow, Budapest, Belgrade, Amsterdam, Berlin and Helsinki, amongst others.


A city park in Amsterdam where former factory buildings are turned into work spaces for innovative creators and cultural entrepreneurs. A meeting, work and leisure space for local creators and visitors from other countries.